******* BE ENCOURAGED ********

Monday, September 17, 2007

... and then there is this. http://winningweight.blogspot.com/ ... the entire story in 4 pages. It is a LONG blog but very informative.

I'm meeting some lowcarb friends this coming weekend.. face to face ... in the flesh. We are real people and we have lost real weight.

It's about the support.

AND integrity, honesty, & apologies.

Good people do that.


GirlTrueHeart said...

I came across your blog today and I was inspired to send you a note! I have not been aware of the controversy overly much. In my first two months, I got what I needed, found the price a BARGAIN for life, and motivated myself with the help of a few close friends made thru Kimkins. I tuned out the rest of the noise I guess. What worked for me is all that mattered, as I'm sure you can say the same now. When I feel blue and discouraged, I just remember a tried and true line of support and hope: "Every day is a NEW day to turn it all around." :-) You look fabulous! Keep the faith - in yourself!

regandy said...

Hey girltrueheart. I'm new at blogging so I missed your comment. Thanks for responding. I say to my self EVERY SINGLE MORNING that God's mercy is NEW every day! ... if the God of the Universe can show us mercy, can't I do the same to myself? :D

Yep. Thanks again.