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Friday, September 21, 2007

Concerning the Kimkins Cruise

Dear Cruising Friends,

SOME of you are aware of the controversy surrounding “kimkins, kimmer, Heidi Diaz” and some of you are NOT. I had sent an earlier letter, but I want everyone to be clear concerning the cruise… once and for all. There are plenty of “blogs” out there to find information on the controversy with just a little searching. I don’t care to read them anymore. It took me a little bit of time, but I’m no longer stressing over it all. I’ve moved on.

The cruise is NOT a “kimkins” cruise. Kimkins was where it was posted because that was my support group (but I was careful to call it Regandy's Cruise and post a disclaimer on the kimkins website). I asked if I could post it in case there were others who would like to go. It grew from there. Several issues have arisen since that time that has prompted me to disassociate the cruise with “kimkins” totally. There are threats of possible lawsuits against her and many questions concerning her identity (leading to questions of integrity). Although I have personally never had any problems, there seems to be many people who have. As I see it, in 5 or 10 years there may not be a “kimkins” BUT, God willing, I will still be living with “me”. I have moved on. I have joined a couple of different diet support groups. I only go to the kimkins website to check personal messages or answer cruise questions.

I was a little surprised when the cruise was published in the last Kimkins Newsletter. There was a misunderstanding between Heidi and me concerning it. I have since emailed her and she has agreed to take the web page down.

At this writing there are still 58 people signed up for the cruise. I have created a topic in a forum at http://www.lowcarbdiscussion.com/ for us to be able to log on and discuss the cruise. Check it out! We can still get to know each other and we can still enjoy our vacation! This can get us back to looking forward again! http://www.lowcarbdiscussion.com/index.php?act=ST&f=12&t=1053

I want EVERYONE to be clear that this is supposed to be an inexpensive and fun gathering of friends and family. There will not be any public conversations or arguments concerning the issue. As far as I know there are no Kimkins admins going (with the exception of one who has contacted me and is totally aware of the situation. She just wants to have a good vacation and meet her friends.)

Many of you have asked about Christin and Deni. They are still signed up for the cruise and are still planning on going. I have found those two young ladies to be very transparent and open. They are strong in their faith and want this to be a time of friendship, fun, and perhaps a little “healing”. There is to be NO controversy in the ocean! Hahaha AND there have been some new folks at other low carb websites that are looking into being able to join us also.

I would ask that you PLEASE email me and let me know if you are still planning on going OR join me at the cruise thread. IF you have changed your mind, you can still get a 100% refund by December 11, 2007.


p.s. The website I mentioned is totally free. Please forward this to your cabin-mate

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