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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Schizophrenic Diet?

My business is now finished with kimkins. The cruise money has been returned in full.

There have been several of us who have discussed the "transition" away from the very unsafe practices of the kimkins diet. We can't help thinking though that there might be a little bit of truth in the heap of deceit that is at kimkins. We are starting a group to try and make the mental transition to adding healthy fats to our diet. The "truth" ... the only truth, perhaps ... is the food list. Those foods eaten in healthy quantities are healthful. I guess you could say it wasn't so much the "form" of the diet but rather the "methods" being practiced. It was the old "less" is more... the less you ate the more you could lose. DUH? .... but at a great expense.

But there is the constant nagging fear of over eating again and gaining. It seems odd to me that this feeling is so strong... stronger than with any other diet I have ever tried. Usually when I got off a diet I didn't care what I ate... I was just off the diet! This has been different. I have to fight my urges to "starve", skip meals, fast, and deny myself. It's as if my mind is thinking that it is either all or nothing at all. I've got to find the middle ground where I am eating enough nutrients AND still losing the weight.

It can get very confusing. Weight Watchers is eating the "correct" variety of foods all the time. The Weigh Down Workshop diet is to eat only when hungry, which could be once per day. Slim Fast is 2 shakes and a healthy dinner. Weight Loss Surgery causes you to eat small quantities. Low Carb is eat as much fat, but keep carbohydrates low. Argh.. I feel like a diet schizophrenic.

I'm not giving up. I'm not quitting. I will see 135 pounds. I will settle and maintain that weight because it is perfect for my heighth and age. It's coming.

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Scale Mistress said...

Don't give up. Don't let your experience with Kimmer cheat you of your determination and resolve. I remember you from the boards and know that you will find your way with the same grace that you helped encourage and support people on the boards. There are lots of us who have traveled a similar path and come to the same conclusions. That's more than enough support to go around. We'll find solutions together.