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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Lonely Life Lost

Richard took his life.

This morning I called my sister and she told me the news. Richard was a friend of my nephew. He was supposed to be my nephew's best man at his recent wedding but Richard couldn't make it because he didn't have transporation.

Richard's mom died from cancer 2 months before he started college. Richard's dad was out of the picture almost immediately. Richard never told anyone. He would show pictures and say, "That's my mom." but he never mentioned that she was gone. Richard struggled in college. Richard got a job as a driver, but he had an accident and the lady sued him for damaging her car. He owed money that he couldn't pay. He had no car & now no job. He took a second job to try and pay the debt, but when an angry customer didn't like the product they had purchased they took it out on Richard with loud anger. His new boss sent him home early.

Richard bought 2 pizzas on his way home from work and ate them for his last meal. He then walked to the graveyard, wrapped his arms around his mother's headstone, and took his life. He wanted his mom.

I weep for Richard.
I pray for those left behind who are buried in guilt.
I'm calling my children to let them know how valuable they are to me!

Richard's Myspace and his farewell post.

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