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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Memories of my Mom

I dont' know why my thoughts are flooded with memories of my mother this week. She died in April of 2005. I miss her. This morning I posted on my challenge board:

I was with my mom when she went into hospice. I carried my keyboard into the room. Before they put her in a medically induced coma (great regret) ... I would play and sing. She was very restless until I started singing. She would get so still and smile. It was a very nice memory. When she took her last breath I quickly looked up and waved and said, "Bye mom.". I wonder if she saw me as she floated above the room headed towards the light and into the arms of her Savior? ... you betcha. Great peace filled the room.

There are all kinds of issues in this life. We grow and learn and seek and fall and get back up ... and we keep going. IN THE BIG PICTURE, some things are not worth fretting over. In the HUGE realm of things, there is only one question that all of us will be asked. Did we know Jesus as our Savior?

I hope that the dangerous parts of kimkins are corrected. I hope that they are making changes for the better for their members. I pray that no one has any permanent dangers from following the diet. But more than that, I pray that Heidi Diaz, Delany, and TippyToes find and display honesty and integrity in ALL that they do. I pray that what is done in "darkness" will be revealed by the "Light". I pray that truth will be revealed and that those people who are called by God's Name will have discernment as they are seeking a way to get the weight off and get healthy.

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Once Upon A Dieter said...

Last night, I spent a lot of time praying for a sick friend of mine (cancer) and her family, and I also prayed for the people at Kimkins, and for SL and TT to repent, and even for Heidi to come clean and make life easier for the people she hurt, not harder by denying it and drawing it out.

And I still miss my mom. EVERY DAY. Like you, I sang at her bedside (we kept her with home hospice, my sisters and I and nurses with her at all times). I sang with her. Prayed with her. FEd her. Changed her diapers. And one of the great comforts is knowing I'll see her in Heaven one day. Separation is temporary.

So, yeah, in the great scheme, the #1 question isn't about diets or fat or thin or frauds or scams (though these matter), the #1 is the state of one's soul, the eternally important question.

The Princess