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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Twisted Excuses to fit the need

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This is a quote from TippyToes post at the kimkins website. This is only part of the post. Click on the above link for the entire post.

"We have also removed the cruise info. We have decided that a cruise would present a safety hazzard for Kimkins members as well as staff. However, rest assured we have some new gathering ideas in the works for next year. What we have in mind will be better and will geer (Hazzard?)(Geer?) more in tuned with Kimkins diets than an all you can eat fest cruise. I have cruised many times and it is not possible in my opinion to not gain some weight. So we are making positive changes in this area as well." (What really happened here is that Regandy decided to continue planning the cruise but BREAK all ties with Kimkins! Regandy asked for the cruise info to be removed, KK didn't decide to remove it!)"

I didn't save my posts at kimkins. I don't have kimmer's posts where she praised the cruise. I didn't think I would have to defend the cruise.

1. "Safety Hazzard"? -- From who? From what? That doesn't make sense to me. What are they trying to accuse me of? Are they trying to sensationalize and create fear?

2. "all you can eat fest cruise" -- This was addressed several times in the cruise threads, that are probably not there anymore. Kimmer had mentioned in one of the replies that it was about enjoying ourselves and that we could get back on plan when we got back. We also discussed "portion control" that is served in the dining room AND we all talked about staying away from ONE place -- the 24 hour pizza parlor. Tippy just got back from a cruise. She should know first hand that there are LOTS of things to do other than "eat".

3. "impossible to not gain weight" -- On my last cruise I gained 5 pounds. The week that I got back I lost that 5 AND 4 more pounds ... Yep, you might possibly gain weight. Is anyone afraid that you might not be able to get back on the diet and lose it? Is anyone afraid to practice "maintenance"? To me this is just another excuse.

Yep, this was a good idea as long as it was "kimkins". NOW all of the sudden it is a bad idea? Sometimes it is just better to let something fade out than to make up a thin story and present concocted excuses. I wish that I had copies of those posts where Kimmer was all for the cruise.

You know what? It hasn't changed my plans.

BUT it is just more EVIDENCE of the deception. They are doing the exact thing that they used to accuse others of doing.

Sour grapes.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Yeah, Tippy is a piece of work, ain't she?

Glad you're disassociated from those vipers and have no money from it that they can toss in your face. And you know they would do it, too, were you not on the up and up as documented.

The Princess--who watched the KATV expose of Kimmer/Heidi and can't wait for tonight's second part.

regandy said...

KATV? Whats that?

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Woops. Sorry. KTLA. I totally messed up those letters. HAH. http://ktla.trb.com/

The Princess