******* BE ENCOURAGED ********

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Needs a hug

I am so down today. Lots of reasons -- kids, husband, new job, stress, sleeplessness, headache, bad weather. I'm trying to take very deep breaths and get some oxygen going. I'm trying to focus on some good postivie things. I'm trying to let myself know that this will pass. Just wish there was someone to hold me and just love me for a few minutes. IF I believed in biorithms I would say they are low today. I know that I am just extremely tired and need rest... lots of rest.

I miss my mom.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The big question -- How long did it take you?

This way of eating that I have chosen has a lot of "rabbits"... people/newbies that are losing fast and want to know how long it has taken everyone. I've been there... I was curious too. BUT I learned that more than that, there was some serious issues and "layers" to get through. so here is my answer:

It has taken me a life time to lose the weight! It took me that long to get serious. It started in earnest when I turned 40, but it was Kimmer who helped me realize the dream -- 50 pounds before I turned 50! (March of 07). My first memories of weight were when I was in 5th and 6th grade and it was "If you just lost that baby fat you would really be cute." Weight & diets have been a part of every aspect of my life.

First blog

First post. First experience. I've had a lot of "firsts" this year. Not bad for an old woman!

The reason for this blog? Because I have lost 75 pounds and I'm staring maintenance in the face and I want to record every wonderful moment of it. Because I have things to say. Because all the greatest people on the planet kept journals. Because life is good and worth looking at and remembering the milestones.