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Friday, December 19, 2008


Still dieting. Still fighting the good fight. And winning.

That's all.

Just hadn't posted in a while so took a moment to catch up.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2009 Low Carb Community Cruise

IF you have not heard about it already, we are planning another cruise. With the help of some LC friends, we are making plans to make next years cruise a very special event. If you need more information you can look at the Question and Answer section at HERE ON THIS SITE. IF you KNOW that you would like to go then you can go directly HERE TO SIGN UP.

THE FIRST DEPOSIT IS ONLY $50 if you sign up before May 21st. After that date the deposit will be $250.

In addition to Dr. Jonny Bowden coming on the cruise, we've also secured two more BIG low-carb experts: low-carb researcher and clinician Dr. Eric Westman from Duke University and Jackie Eberstein who worked with Dr. Atkins for three decades. This is HUGE to have these giants in the low-carb world coming with us, so SIGN UP TODAY!!!

It is my hope that this turns in to a type of Low Carb Convention for all of us internet diet fanatics! ;) There should be a LOT of good, solid information and hopefully some literature, freebies, and just a lot of fun.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Tools for Losing and Self-control

I'm still trying to "lose" weight... still. I know that we talk about doing this for the rest of our life, but sometimes you just wish for a little break in the battle. BUT a break in the battle, so far, has always meant a 5 pound gain. So I am back up 25 pounds -- out of 80 pounds total loss. Not good. If it was a 10 pound "playground" that would be different, but I have let it get way out of hand. that is enough weight to mean a new wardrobe. NO! I refuse.

So, I'm not making a big deal about it, but I had to find SOMETHING that will give me direction. I have eating issues. I cannot trust myself. I am NOT a "thin eater" and have an emotional eating disorder -- stress, pressure, emotions, ... any excuse to indulge. I am experimenting with a "lower carb" version of Weight Watchers. For me, just to add more carbs to my diet wasn't enough structure. I was eating mindlessly. I was eating compulsively. At least Weight Watchers will put some brakes on this out of control appetite. Yeah, it is slow ... but it is ONLY 25 pounds and it is NOT a race.

I have a lot of healing to do. Healing of my metabolism and my attitudes toward foods. I've been doing the old "starve" & "binge" thing. I need structure and routine. WW can provide that.

How long will I do this? As long as I can. I got so tired of eggs, tuna, and chicken. I craved an apple. I was craving foods that I would not allow myself to eat. Now I have a guide. Change is good. Good to know that I am not giving up.

THIS IS THE LONGEST I HAVE EVER KEPT FIGHTING. This is the longest time I have ever not given up. Now that is a great change!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What do you do when someone hurts a friend?

Anyone? What can you do?

There are some people "just posting questions" on their own personal blogs ... They say that they are just innocently being curious. In their questions they have deeply hurt a friend of mine. Questions have been worded that could be easily misconstrued as accusations and inuendos. The Questions have been rearranged and reworded and submitted over and over again. Anyone who attempts to answer is accused of "worship" of my friend. Anyone who attempts to offer ANY kind of reply that isn't in line to being "accusatory" is promptly bashed or questioned in a negative way also. And there are comments that make NO sense at all.

It's not right. It's just flat mean. It's hate-filled.

BECAUSE I've seen person after person try to reply to no avail. I've seen person after person post and it just gets more hurtful. Why would someone want to hurt others so much? I have heard that "hurting people" are the ones who hurt people. Well this hurting person has RIPPED another to pieces with "questions".

It was the idea and desire for the 2009 Low Carb Community Cruise to pull the Low Carb Community together for support for each other. The people on the last cruise just really felt a strong connection and we want to share that feeling. Several people have agreed to help me work hard towards that end. We have been trying to get the word out for those that might be able to do it. We've talked about being able to move it around to the different coasts; we've discussed what special surprises and guests. We get a discount on our ticket for making the arrangements - and that is NO secret. We get a discount for working on it in many different ways that include answering questions, hauling supplies & equipment, and keeping up with some of the reservations problems. It appears that there are those who want to rip it up. It appears that there are those who want to take the joy out of it. It appears that there are those who can't stand for someone to have hope and to be blessed. It was SUPPOSED to bring people together, but some people are using it to crush other people.

I just HATE that one of the nicest people I know was slammed for helping me out. I just HATE it that a young woman with big ideas was slashed for trying to push ahead through some pretty tough trials. I just HATE knowing that she is in tears because of people she considered friends.

BUT most of all, I HATE that the source of this is from people we considered to be "one of our own" in the battle against Heidi Diaz.

Who's the next target?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Cruise Happened

We did it. We took that cruise. People said it wouldn't happen. There were many posts that hoped that people could get their deposits back because the cruise wouldn't happen. HAH! We went and we had an absolute blast. And you know what? We barely mentioned Kimkins, Heidi Diaz, or any of the scandal. I think I made one comment about all of us coming through quite a strange journey to finally get on the ship ... but there we were. Sitting on that ship at dinner looking all shiny and smiley, there was barely a whisper of KK. We had moved on.

Wow. Moved on.

.... and now we are talking about the "next" cruise in 2009.

As it turns out, the wonderful people on that ship were regular every day normal people. They were kind and open and friendly... and just like ALL the rest of us, struggling with diet and health issues. Kind people. People who did NOT deserve to be misguided by a scam artist who was only in the diet businesss for personal gain. I am so thankful that there have been other wonderful people who have created places for the support and encouragement that we all need. AND with a healthier way of eating and safer advice.... and all for free.

If you have come out of kimkins and you still do not have your feet on the ground, don't lose heart. Don't give up. You CAN get the support that you need and the advice, and the diet, and all that stuff that you need to continue the journey ... without any unhealthy side affects. It might take a few posts here and there to find the right "fit" but it is out there. DON'T give up ... DON'T waste another ounce of energy lamenting what was ... MOVE UP and MOVE ON. IT IS POSSIBLE to get on a healthy low carb way of eating without hunger. It can be done. It just takes a little while. WE ARE A GOOD, CARING GROUP OF PEOPLE ... and you can learn to trust again.

P.S. I read AmyB's blog of yet ANOTHER "trash and burn" PM by kimmer. VERY VERY sad. I am thankful for the low carb community that has reached out to encourage AmyB and to let her know that there are more of us out here that understand and support her.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Something good came out of KK

Yeah... something good. I met some really truly wonderful friends. Forty six of us just got back from the cruise. What a fantastic time. If it weren't for Kimkins many of us would have never met and I am so glad that we did. I was amazed that this group came from all over the world to meet for the first time and we were all so thrilled and excited to find out that we had so much in common.

We had a blast on the cruise. It was fun trying to recognize people from their photos online. From the excursions ... the evening meal ... to the Kamikaze karaoke we all just acted like old friends. At our group meeting Christin shared with us about changing our relationship with food and learning to savor our bites and not just "hork" it down. Jimmy and Christine were so much fun and very entertaining. Everyone was sad to see it end. Grayma Deb had made us some very nice matching T-shirts -- thanks DEB!! Just so much went on and there are so many great stories that it will take a few weeks to share all of it. I have a PowerPoint presentation of our before/after pictures, but I've got to try and figure out how to convert it to a "movie" so that it can be posted for everyone to see. (suggestions??)

SO MAKE A NOTE... 2009 could bring another cruise. Start saving your money if you are interested.

Friday, January 25, 2008


My hip joints have been aching. Both of them. Sometimes the pain is so intense that I cannot sit or lay down but must walk around for a while. I take ibuprophen to try and ease it a little. I've NEVER had this before.

So... I did a little research and the following excerpts are what I found. I have marked the symptoms that I have or have experienced.


(excerpts from above link)

What is malnutrition? Malnutrition (mal-noo-TRISH-un) occurs when you do not get enough calories or nutrients to keep you healthy. Nutrients are protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Malnutrition may make your body weak. It may cause health problems such as trouble fighting infections and healing.

What are the signs and symptoms of malnutrition? Malnutrition usually develops in stages over a long period of time. Signs and symptoms may not appear until the later stages of malnutrition.
Some early signs and symptoms of malnutrition may include:
Irritable (bad mood) and tired.
Slower growth than normal, or no growth (in children).
Weight loss.
Later signs and symptoms of malnutrition may include:
Bone or joint pain, and weak muscles.
Bloated abdomen and swelling in other parts of the body.
Changes in the skin and hair.
Brittle and spooned nails.
Dry, scaly skin.
Hair loss.
Skin and hair change color.
Loss of appetite
(not hungry).
Slow wound healing and easily get infections.
Sunken temples (sides of the head).

AND THIS ONE: http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/conditions/malnutrition-2.html

Signs and Symptoms: General malnutrition often develops slowly, over months or years. As the body’s store of nutrients is depleted, changes begin to happen at the cellular level, affecting biochemical processes and decreasing the body’s ability to fight infections. Over time, a variety of symptoms may begin to emerge, including:
Weight loss, decreased muscle mass, and weakness
Dry scaly skin
Edema (swelling, due to lack of protein)
Hair that has lost its pigment
Brittle and malformed
(spooned) nails
Chronic diarrhea
Slow wound healing
Bone and joint pain
Growth retardation (in children)
Mental changes such as confusion and irritability
Goiter (enlarged thyroid)
Specific nutrient deficiencies may cause characteristic symptoms. For instance, vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to tingling, numbness, and burning in the hands and feet (due to nerve damage), a lack of vitamin A may cause night blindness and increased sensitivity to light, and a lack of vitamin D can cause bone pain and malformation. The severity of symptoms depends on the intensity and duration of the deficiency. Some changes, such as to bone and nerves, may be irreversible.


THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS. THIS IS WHAT MANY OF US ALLOWED HEIDI DIAZ TO SHOW US HOW TO DO.... because after all "she lost 200 pounds and kept it off for 5 years with NO problems".

..... it's getting close, Heidi. You still think that you have done NOTHING wrong? hmmm...

Thursday, January 24, 2008


One had surgery on her gall bladder.

One got dizzy and passed out and broke her foot.

One has to wear wigs ALL OF THE TIME.

One is majorly depressed.

One is having to constantly defend herself to others.

One was accused of immoral conduct.

One is secretly still doing KK because they are scared and have now developed "anorexia" as a result.

One has shed many tears from the loss of friends.

One is bitter and angry over the lies.

One has developed joint problems from malnutrition.

.... the list goes on.


Put a silk scarf on a cow... it's still a cow.
Put a new cover on a book ... it's still the same content.
Try a new PR tactic... it's still just a tactic and NOT the truth.

Once again, Heidi Diaz, it is inevitable ... You chose the path so don't wonder WHY you will be prosecuted.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am on day #24 of NO SUGAR. I have been eating low carb and keeping a very close eye on my ratio's. I've been trying to keep my calories over 1,000; my carbs under 20 grams; my protein over 65 grams; and my fat over 45 grams. I am only 5 feet tall and I am over 50, so from everything that I have researched and read, my diet is pretty good for "losing".

I have not lost anything.

Well, let me take that back... I have gained and lost the same 5 pounds every other day. AND I cannot say that I am consistently losing inches, because one day the shirts are tight, the next day they are slightly looser than before. And on it goes.

I am exercising at least MINIMUM 3 days a week (combination of walking, bicycling, and light weight training -- some times more than 3 days). I am drinking a normal, moderate amount of water. I am taking a multivitamin daily. I AM DOING EVERYTHING THAT I KNOW TO DO. I have motivation because I am going on the Low Carb Cruise.

STILL.... nothing.

The ONLY thing that I know is that my metabolism is messed up. With no medical explanation the only conclusion that I can draw is that it is from doing kimkins. I wonder how long it will take... what will it take? ... to get it back to normal?

Here is what one expert has to say:

One of the biggest factors in metabolism is actually what we eat. If you’re fasting or on a very low-calorie diet, (kimkins? oh yeah) odds are you have slowed down your metabolism to the point that you still aren’t losing a lot of weight even though you’re miserable from not eating.
The body needs nutrients and calories in order to work properly, and a lot of research seems to indicate that eating more often is better than eating only a couple of meals a day. That’s because it takes energy (calories) to digest and process food, and it keeps blood sugar levels more even when you eat regularly, which also keeps you feeling full. (http://diet.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Cause_of_Low_Metabolism )

And another one says:

Metabolism and Weight LossWhen a person suddenly stops taking in the amount of calories to which they are accustomed their body responds by slowing their metabolism. The body will act as if it is starving, which sometimes it is. Metabolism is the rate at which a person's body burns the calories needed to function normally. It is for this reason that rapid weight loss programs don't work in the long run. The body responds to the plunge in calorie intake by slowing the metabolism so that it can continue to operate on fewer calories. The dieter will hit a plateau in weight loss, which for some people stimulates a frustrating pattern of weight loss and gain, known as yo-yo dieting. Repeated attempts at rapid weight loss can permanently slow a person's metabolism, making weight loss harder with each diet. Generally, diet plans that are well balanced and do not fall below 1200 calories a day are manageable. (www.womenshealth.org)

How many times did we hear "Starvation Mode is a myth!"? How many times did we lower and lower our intake to UNREAL levels? Can you say eating disorder? BUT EATING DISORDER was explained away like this --

We are over weight because we have been eating out of order -- in excess. SO in order to reverse the process we must go in the opposite direction -- in deprivation -- in order to affect a change.

OH how logical that sounds. BUT IT ISN'T! Nutritionists, researchers, and even Dr. Atkins have said that we don't have to starve to lose. BUT we all dismissed that. After all, Kimmer had lost 200 pounds and kept if off for over 5 years. AND according to Kimmer she suffered NO repercussions from this way of eating. And oh the euphoria of practicing anorexia... there is a high from it. Being "in control", losing weight, denying urges, and the support of other "lost sheep" was very powerful.

Back to my metabolism... it looks like it might take a long time to undo 8 or 9 months that I was on kimkins. Thanks Heidi. Your day in court is coming and trust me lady, you WILL reap what you have sown.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kimkins Ugliness Continues

I am a Mom of 4; wife of 1; grandmother to 3; sister to 2, an aunt, a leader, a friend, a counselor, a missionary, a musician, and many more labels and hats.

I had such a wonderful weekend. My sister, who is still dealing with the loss of our mother, rode with me on a little road trip. It was good for both of us. We hadn't got to spend much time together lately and she really needed to just smile for a while. We went to a couple's home who were so gracious. They made a great dinner for us and we spent the evening watching a fantastic DVD from a church meeting they had attended. The title of the sermon was "About this same time tomorrow, things are gonna change" ... it was good. The next morning we got up, had our coffee, and the husband read part of a book about Ruth (from the Bible) to us. We met up with some other friends at the mall ... NOTHING like friends, the mall, and great coffee! hahaha

So guess what?

"Kimkins" reared it's ugly head. Someone posted some really nasty comments, lies, and hateful things on the web. They were things about the sweet people with whom I was chatting and shopping and about me. I didn't read the posts .... only heard about them. Ugly, hateful, evil things were said. So sad. We tried to just laugh it off. I think I made a few jokes about it. No truth at all in the comments so they weren't worth the waste of energy to even bother to read them.

I got home this evening .. and I started thinking about it. And wondering why someone would say such ugly lies. So that sermon "ABOUT THIS SAME TIME TOMORROW, THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE" came true. I had been distancing myself from the whole "kimmer" experience to just leave it behind me ... and there it was again. HEY... GIVING NOTICE! I'm back in the fight... but in a smarter way.. my attitude has changed. I'm not afraid of you anymore Heidi Diaz.


The battle has shifted to a new arena. I'm in.

I have a fitday journal to prove that I attempted to follow kimkins. I was not a "good" kimkinite because I could never keep my fat ratio's as low as I was encouraged to. I tried.. and failed... I stalled... etc. What did it take to finally begin to lose? Chicken broth, egg whites, diet sodas, and Phillips Caplets. (WHICH other kimkins members suggested and then applauded my results! I was finally able to be a losing kimkins member! Kimmer herself congratulated me in my journal.)

-- hair got thinner, but it wasn't so noticable because I HAD really thick hair
-- dizzy spells, but I actually enjoyed them because it meant that I was "losing"
-- SNATT, OH YEAH... it was a "badge" of honor!
-- heart palpitations, but I thought perhaps that was just because I didn't exercise and was just out of shape
-- DRY skin... my heels would actually peel, my nails were very brittle and would break often into the quick
-- ringing in the ears
-- jaw & neck cramps

-- still have thinner hair
-- still have occasional heart racing
-- hip joints ache .. alot
-- anxiety attacks

TRUTH is -- My husband does not want me to join the lawsuit. This is something that I will not argue with him about and I must respect his wishes. BUT this will not stop me from helping get the word out there that Kimkins needs to be shut down so that maybe people will look elsewhere and find.... THE HIGH ROAD.