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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kimkins Ugliness Continues

I am a Mom of 4; wife of 1; grandmother to 3; sister to 2, an aunt, a leader, a friend, a counselor, a missionary, a musician, and many more labels and hats.

I had such a wonderful weekend. My sister, who is still dealing with the loss of our mother, rode with me on a little road trip. It was good for both of us. We hadn't got to spend much time together lately and she really needed to just smile for a while. We went to a couple's home who were so gracious. They made a great dinner for us and we spent the evening watching a fantastic DVD from a church meeting they had attended. The title of the sermon was "About this same time tomorrow, things are gonna change" ... it was good. The next morning we got up, had our coffee, and the husband read part of a book about Ruth (from the Bible) to us. We met up with some other friends at the mall ... NOTHING like friends, the mall, and great coffee! hahaha

So guess what?

"Kimkins" reared it's ugly head. Someone posted some really nasty comments, lies, and hateful things on the web. They were things about the sweet people with whom I was chatting and shopping and about me. I didn't read the posts .... only heard about them. Ugly, hateful, evil things were said. So sad. We tried to just laugh it off. I think I made a few jokes about it. No truth at all in the comments so they weren't worth the waste of energy to even bother to read them.

I got home this evening .. and I started thinking about it. And wondering why someone would say such ugly lies. So that sermon "ABOUT THIS SAME TIME TOMORROW, THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE" came true. I had been distancing myself from the whole "kimmer" experience to just leave it behind me ... and there it was again. HEY... GIVING NOTICE! I'm back in the fight... but in a smarter way.. my attitude has changed. I'm not afraid of you anymore Heidi Diaz.


The battle has shifted to a new arena. I'm in.

I have a fitday journal to prove that I attempted to follow kimkins. I was not a "good" kimkinite because I could never keep my fat ratio's as low as I was encouraged to. I tried.. and failed... I stalled... etc. What did it take to finally begin to lose? Chicken broth, egg whites, diet sodas, and Phillips Caplets. (WHICH other kimkins members suggested and then applauded my results! I was finally able to be a losing kimkins member! Kimmer herself congratulated me in my journal.)

-- hair got thinner, but it wasn't so noticable because I HAD really thick hair
-- dizzy spells, but I actually enjoyed them because it meant that I was "losing"
-- SNATT, OH YEAH... it was a "badge" of honor!
-- heart palpitations, but I thought perhaps that was just because I didn't exercise and was just out of shape
-- DRY skin... my heels would actually peel, my nails were very brittle and would break often into the quick
-- ringing in the ears
-- jaw & neck cramps

-- still have thinner hair
-- still have occasional heart racing
-- hip joints ache .. alot
-- anxiety attacks

TRUTH is -- My husband does not want me to join the lawsuit. This is something that I will not argue with him about and I must respect his wishes. BUT this will not stop me from helping get the word out there that Kimkins needs to be shut down so that maybe people will look elsewhere and find.... THE HIGH ROAD.


OhYeahBabe said...

It's so good to see you posting this.

I hope that you and your husband will reconsider the lawsuit. Perhaps it would help to talk to John and find out just what to expect. It may not be much more than a signature.

Avenue Girl said...


Great to hear from you!

We have a list of agencies to contact. If you need help filling out the forms, please don't hesitate to ask!

Good to know you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.....

So glad to hear you are back to posting. If you won't join the lawsuit - AvenueGirl is right - you can help in other areas.

regandy said...

I have already followed most of the links when all of this first started. I filled out the forms. I just don't know that that is enough... so I am tackling this the BEST way that I know. The most POWERFUL way that I know. Words. I'm putting them out there and "up" there! haha

2BIG said...

thank you for adding your words of your experiences following the kimkins program and your interactions with Kimmer as you struggled to get healthy.
I saw the website you metioned and can tell you it was hateful. The worst part was it was posted by a kimkins affiliate not some annonymous internet wack job.

While not being a principle in the suit I hope your husband will change his mind and agree to allow you to be a member of the class that was defrauded by Kimkins.com with all the false advertizements Kimmer posted including the 35 fake success stories including her own.