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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am on day #24 of NO SUGAR. I have been eating low carb and keeping a very close eye on my ratio's. I've been trying to keep my calories over 1,000; my carbs under 20 grams; my protein over 65 grams; and my fat over 45 grams. I am only 5 feet tall and I am over 50, so from everything that I have researched and read, my diet is pretty good for "losing".

I have not lost anything.

Well, let me take that back... I have gained and lost the same 5 pounds every other day. AND I cannot say that I am consistently losing inches, because one day the shirts are tight, the next day they are slightly looser than before. And on it goes.

I am exercising at least MINIMUM 3 days a week (combination of walking, bicycling, and light weight training -- some times more than 3 days). I am drinking a normal, moderate amount of water. I am taking a multivitamin daily. I AM DOING EVERYTHING THAT I KNOW TO DO. I have motivation because I am going on the Low Carb Cruise.

STILL.... nothing.

The ONLY thing that I know is that my metabolism is messed up. With no medical explanation the only conclusion that I can draw is that it is from doing kimkins. I wonder how long it will take... what will it take? ... to get it back to normal?

Here is what one expert has to say:

One of the biggest factors in metabolism is actually what we eat. If you’re fasting or on a very low-calorie diet, (kimkins? oh yeah) odds are you have slowed down your metabolism to the point that you still aren’t losing a lot of weight even though you’re miserable from not eating.
The body needs nutrients and calories in order to work properly, and a lot of research seems to indicate that eating more often is better than eating only a couple of meals a day. That’s because it takes energy (calories) to digest and process food, and it keeps blood sugar levels more even when you eat regularly, which also keeps you feeling full. (http://diet.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Cause_of_Low_Metabolism )

And another one says:

Metabolism and Weight LossWhen a person suddenly stops taking in the amount of calories to which they are accustomed their body responds by slowing their metabolism. The body will act as if it is starving, which sometimes it is. Metabolism is the rate at which a person's body burns the calories needed to function normally. It is for this reason that rapid weight loss programs don't work in the long run. The body responds to the plunge in calorie intake by slowing the metabolism so that it can continue to operate on fewer calories. The dieter will hit a plateau in weight loss, which for some people stimulates a frustrating pattern of weight loss and gain, known as yo-yo dieting. Repeated attempts at rapid weight loss can permanently slow a person's metabolism, making weight loss harder with each diet. Generally, diet plans that are well balanced and do not fall below 1200 calories a day are manageable. (www.womenshealth.org)

How many times did we hear "Starvation Mode is a myth!"? How many times did we lower and lower our intake to UNREAL levels? Can you say eating disorder? BUT EATING DISORDER was explained away like this --

We are over weight because we have been eating out of order -- in excess. SO in order to reverse the process we must go in the opposite direction -- in deprivation -- in order to affect a change.

OH how logical that sounds. BUT IT ISN'T! Nutritionists, researchers, and even Dr. Atkins have said that we don't have to starve to lose. BUT we all dismissed that. After all, Kimmer had lost 200 pounds and kept if off for over 5 years. AND according to Kimmer she suffered NO repercussions from this way of eating. And oh the euphoria of practicing anorexia... there is a high from it. Being "in control", losing weight, denying urges, and the support of other "lost sheep" was very powerful.

Back to my metabolism... it looks like it might take a long time to undo 8 or 9 months that I was on kimkins. Thanks Heidi. Your day in court is coming and trust me lady, you WILL reap what you have sown.


2BIG said...

thank you for posting about the hidden effects of the kimkins diet.

Rani said...

I'm curious to see what your menus look like. I, too, am in my 50s, and I know you have some strikes against you, including age and the Kimkins Effect (I bet we'll see more of this as folks return to Atkins). But I'm curious to see what you're actually eating.


regandy said...

Rani... I tried to email you an answer but couldn't. If you are still curious you can drop me an email and I'll share my menus with you.

OhYeahBabe said...

Hi Regandy. I'm so sorry about your Kimkins experience making things so tough now. It's very frustating to do the right things but not get results. Don't let the scale start whispering bad things in your ear.

I hope you recover your metabolism in time. Are you exercising much? (Sorry, I don't really know you yet so I apologize if I should already know that answer!)

regandy said...

Tuesday & Wednesday: 20 minutes on the treadmill

Monday & Thursday: Gym-weight training, exercise bike (up to 3 miles now)

Saturday: 20 Minutes on the treadmill.

Our PE teacher at school had to quit, so I am also teaching PE... yuck... so while they are doing their "stuff" I try to get in 10 laps in the school gym.

yeah... I'm exercising... that is what is so baffling.

Christin said...


Thank you so much for being wiling to share your story. Keep up the great work, I know that eventually things will turn around for you. You're doing so good and are such an inspiration to many!

Anonymous said...

It took me 2 years and help from a nutritionist to finally lose weight.
And YES I 'dabbled' in Kimkins.

2BIG4MYSIZE said...

woo hoo on the added exercise. Are you checking your inches shed? many time we can be morphing our bodies as we work both our new eating plan and our new exercise plans. Fat is a large bulky molecule so we can see the inches of body fat being burned off as we shed fat mass while at the same time add leaner smaller amounts of fluid weight and muscle mass even though our scales says no change in total mass.

I went for Dunk tank measurements and added 11 pounds of leanbody tissue in one 6 month time period for a net loss of only a few pounds but man 15 pounds of body fat were gone forever!
make friends with your tape measure as you heal your metabolism so you can celebrate the small victories.

regandy said...

No change in weight; No change in tape measure; No change in clothes "fit; No change.

BUT today there was a glimmer of hope. ONE pound down. BUT I am on day 2 of a "detox" program to try and repair some of the damage. AND before you get concerned... it is a good program with LOTS of vegetables and medically sound... and only for 3 days.

theTRUTH said...

I am in teh same boat as you. (and I don't mean the cruise ship) I am eating about the exact same way as you, and I lose nothing past the initial water weight. If I eat carbs for one meal, I gain 3-5 pounds. Then weeks of Atkins at dead stall. Please keep us updated. It is very hard. I can see how it would be difficult to keep from going back to low calories just to lose weight again... Too dangerous though. Thinks heidikims!