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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2009 Low Carb Community Cruise

IF you have not heard about it already, we are planning another cruise. With the help of some LC friends, we are making plans to make next years cruise a very special event. If you need more information you can look at the Question and Answer section at HERE ON THIS SITE. IF you KNOW that you would like to go then you can go directly HERE TO SIGN UP.

THE FIRST DEPOSIT IS ONLY $50 if you sign up before May 21st. After that date the deposit will be $250.

In addition to Dr. Jonny Bowden coming on the cruise, we've also secured two more BIG low-carb experts: low-carb researcher and clinician Dr. Eric Westman from Duke University and Jackie Eberstein who worked with Dr. Atkins for three decades. This is HUGE to have these giants in the low-carb world coming with us, so SIGN UP TODAY!!!

It is my hope that this turns in to a type of Low Carb Convention for all of us internet diet fanatics! ;) There should be a LOT of good, solid information and hopefully some literature, freebies, and just a lot of fun.



Anonymous said...

Hey Regandy,I am going on this cruise with my family this year and wanted to know what excursions you would reccomend. From the pictures it looks like you all had a great time. There are so many things to chose from I want to make the best use of time when we are docked,Thanks,

regandy said...

After November 11, Carnival will give us a list (via internet website) of all the excusions that are available. If you go to www.lccruise.forumotion.com you can find more information specific for this cruise.

I did the horseback riding in Cozumel and the trip to Chichen Itza the first time I went and LOVED it. The next time I went I didn't book any excursions at all and had a great time wandering around the towns and shopping. This year there is only one I would like to do -- swim with the dolphins, just for the experience. There are so many things to do and see it is hard to pick just one! hahaha