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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Biggest Loser is an inspiration!


Well, folks, I’m doing it. I am working out. Three days a week I go to a TEAM fitness class of 10 other women. We have a group trainer who takes us through various exercises. So far so good.

Then this week I decided to kick it up a notch. WHY? … because I have watched The Biggest Loser a few times. I have watched these people – all well over 200 pounds, and most over 300 pounds – work out like crazy. I have watched them cry and fall and sweat and give up and start over and be PUSHED beyond what I would do. Pushed. Pushed to lose 5 to 25 pounds a WEEK! A WEEK!!!!! I would like to be pushed like that.

So I am kicking it up a notch and getting inspired. I have added another day to my routine. Then in a couple of weeks, I will add another day, with my goal being to work out 5 days a week. We have been told that we need to allow time for our bodies to “rest” – do I see them doing that on the ranch? No. BUT what I do see is variety. They just keep being active. I get LOTS of rest on the weekends, and I actually sleep deeper at night. So I get rest -- but not like I USED to think I had to rest.

I was especially moved when Jillian helped a woman overcome her fear of water. Jillian pushed her to realize that it was all mental – as was my fear of working out at the gym. ALL MENTAL. If you get a chance, go to The Biggest Loser website and review some of the stories. They are very inspirational.

Looking back I would have to say that the WORST year of my "diet" life was when I got all caught up in a diet scam that took a toll on my health. “Kimkins” was NOT good, especially for my time of life. I was going through great metabolic changes in my body because of my age and the things that I did only speeded up the aging process – NOT helping it. I damaged a lot of my body systems and it has taken an enormous effort to pull back out of it. Just remember – Heidi Diaz lied about everything, including who she was.

Anyway, back to the point – It has to be done. Exercise must be included. BUT it is NOT NOT NOT about weight loss. In my opinion, exercise cannot be grouped with "diet". Diet (what you eat) is about fueling the machine. Exercise (activity) is about keeping the fluids flowing in the machine. Exercising does NOT fuel the machine. Diet does NOT "RUN" the engine. It’s like the difference between gasoline and oil – they both help the car, but one is the fuel and one is the lubricant. Lubricant and no fuel? The engine simply will not run. Fuel and no lubricant? The engine will freeze up. Your body needs the combination of both.

Realistically I am NOT looking at exercise to lose weight… BUT I am hoping that the activity will loosen these stiff joints, awaken the blood flow, and give me back some energy…. Oh, and help my metabolism be a better burning machine.

I avoided it for a very long time – I can’t do that anymore.

If not now, when?


Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like you left anything behind and moved on. Your entire post is about the dangerous diet that someone forced you to follow. I'm sure it's someones fault that you're obese too. I wonder why you're so worried about your health all of the sudden. Of course none of these problems could be associated with morbid obesity...oh, wait....actually they are. Check out post lapband diets and ask yourself what the difference is compared to any extremely low carb diet out there. Do your homework before you start "web bashing".

regandy said...

People -- Anonymous is Heidi Diaz. Let's roll.

Christin said...

1)This "entire" post was not about a dangerous diet... it was about her inspiration by the Biggest Loser.

2)True no-one "forced" anyone to follow any diet... but when told that it was %100 safe, and that it was created and inspired by someone who had not only successfully completed the diet with NO side effects and had kept the weight off for 5 years.. why would anyone have reason to doubt. Especially when that same person was DAILY encouraging everyone that they were doing a great job and they were following the diet perfectly (if they were losing)... so why should she have questioned it?

3)Yes, those same problems could technically be caused by morbid obesity... BUT only one problem... Becky was not MORBIDLY obese. You would not join a weight loss site without needing to lose weight... but to say that her own "morbid obesity" was the cause of her health issues that occurred AFTER having participated with the program at question is just absurd. After all, since she was losing weight if anything, her health should have been getting better, right?

4)The difference in this particular low carb diet and a post lap-band diet is that a person the post surgury diet is on it due to doctors orders. They are closely monitored by a nutritionist and their personal doctor to insure that they are getting the proper nutrients, and their caloric intake DOES increase as their stomachs can handle it. With careful guidance, they achieve a healthy balance between caloric intake AND exercise.

You seem to forget that the point of this post was to encourage exercise... something which everyone adhering to this particular diet were told was not necessary.

I beg to differ. I am a student of nutrition and kinesiology now. So according to ALL my studies, this "diet" that is "safe" for anyone can actually be VERY dangerous. I'm just glad that Becky (or myself for that matter) has not suffered (that we know of) any worse repercussions. I cannot say the same for some other friends of mine.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....you can't be serious.....the entire post is about exercise and motivation....with one blurb about a horrendous diet that was created by an OBESE SOCIOPATH who thrives on deception and drama. And, guess what....as I get older, I worry more about my health too (don't we all). But, when HEIDI DIAZ was selling me her fake success and I was drinking it like kool-aid, I didn't care about my health, I cared about my obsession to be thin.

Anonymous....Either you are Heidi or a PUPPET, or lack the intellectual fortitude to research what your talking about.

LAPBAND diets are lower carb and lower caloric....but they are nutrtionally sound and monitored by a doctor. With the LAPBAND, you don't starve yourself just because...."you don't want it bad enough.".

Toodles Heidi....the KIMPIRE is FALLING!!!!!

OhYeahBabe said...

Anonymous is also a coward. Require a login and see how brave she is.

Anonymous said...


Here you came with cheeks a heavin'
(We like you better when you're leavin')
You no doubt think you're clever, wise
(With ego's barely bigger than your thighs)
Your brain, alas, an unused organ,
Thrives as here on Captain Morgan.

~anom de plume

Bonnie said...

Anonymous, Out of that entire post you focused on one small piece about how doing the Kimkins caused her some long term side effects!

This post was all about exercise and learning to live her life focused on health not weightloss.

Perhaps you should read it again or maybe you should just go away!

Magicsmom said...

The first Anonymous is sounding a bit like a broken record. To read into this post and see it as "web bashing" of a particular lying liar that lies is typical of the narcisissim that we've grown accustomed to seeing from that liar that lies. *yawn* Save it, Heidi. You're going down.

Anonymous said...

Regandy! Great post! Great topic! I was drawn to the horrid Kimkims diet by Heidi Diaz claiming to be the lady in the red dress and telling me that I did not need to exercise on her perfect plan....hogwash! I lost a great deal of my health by following the Kimkins starvation diet!
Keep teaching Regandy...keep talking about you experiences, you never know if you might touch just one person that needs to hear your message!
Heidi....see you in court!

Gran to angels

Mary from Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Excellent post! Whenever I am tempted to whine about working out, I remember the people on Biggest Loser. My 30 minutes compared to their hours.

As for the first "Anonymous" - you don't fool anyone. You hide behind pictures that aren't yours. You attack anonymously. You are a complete and total coward. If you spent as much time doing what you should be doing with diet and exercise, you might actually look more like the fake pics you post. Do you really want to talk about morbid obesity?

Hugs to you, Becky. Keep up the good work!!

Jo said...

Anonymous is so obviously Heidi or a Heidi sock-puppet :) For those who don't know, Heidi Diaz (originator of the Kimkins diet) is currently the subject of a class action suit - she lied about having had success on her self-designed and dangerous diet plan, she posted pictures from a Russian bride site saying they were her 'after' pictures, when in reality she remained morbidly obese, and she rountinely castigated poeple who tried to follow her plan and failed by telling them they 'didn't want it enough'. On top of this, she has been charging people to join her diet-promoting website (and then banning them when it suited her), and was making a nice living out of it until the lawyers got involved.

And yeah, the Biggest Loser IS motivational :)