******* BE ENCOURAGED ********

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Biggest Loser is an inspiration!


Well, folks, I’m doing it. I am working out. Three days a week I go to a TEAM fitness class of 10 other women. We have a group trainer who takes us through various exercises. So far so good.

Then this week I decided to kick it up a notch. WHY? … because I have watched The Biggest Loser a few times. I have watched these people – all well over 200 pounds, and most over 300 pounds – work out like crazy. I have watched them cry and fall and sweat and give up and start over and be PUSHED beyond what I would do. Pushed. Pushed to lose 5 to 25 pounds a WEEK! A WEEK!!!!! I would like to be pushed like that.

So I am kicking it up a notch and getting inspired. I have added another day to my routine. Then in a couple of weeks, I will add another day, with my goal being to work out 5 days a week. We have been told that we need to allow time for our bodies to “rest” – do I see them doing that on the ranch? No. BUT what I do see is variety. They just keep being active. I get LOTS of rest on the weekends, and I actually sleep deeper at night. So I get rest -- but not like I USED to think I had to rest.

I was especially moved when Jillian helped a woman overcome her fear of water. Jillian pushed her to realize that it was all mental – as was my fear of working out at the gym. ALL MENTAL. If you get a chance, go to The Biggest Loser website and review some of the stories. They are very inspirational.

Looking back I would have to say that the WORST year of my "diet" life was when I got all caught up in a diet scam that took a toll on my health. “Kimkins” was NOT good, especially for my time of life. I was going through great metabolic changes in my body because of my age and the things that I did only speeded up the aging process – NOT helping it. I damaged a lot of my body systems and it has taken an enormous effort to pull back out of it. Just remember – Heidi Diaz lied about everything, including who she was.

Anyway, back to the point – It has to be done. Exercise must be included. BUT it is NOT NOT NOT about weight loss. In my opinion, exercise cannot be grouped with "diet". Diet (what you eat) is about fueling the machine. Exercise (activity) is about keeping the fluids flowing in the machine. Exercising does NOT fuel the machine. Diet does NOT "RUN" the engine. It’s like the difference between gasoline and oil – they both help the car, but one is the fuel and one is the lubricant. Lubricant and no fuel? The engine simply will not run. Fuel and no lubricant? The engine will freeze up. Your body needs the combination of both.

Realistically I am NOT looking at exercise to lose weight… BUT I am hoping that the activity will loosen these stiff joints, awaken the blood flow, and give me back some energy…. Oh, and help my metabolism be a better burning machine.

I avoided it for a very long time – I can’t do that anymore.

If not now, when?