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Monday, May 23, 2011

LCHF Continues...

Well -- dropped another pound. Not too bad. At least the scale is moving in the right direction.

I have been concerned about vitamins and nutrients. Perhaps it is "old" thinking, but I just don't want to do further damage to my already taxed body. I want to be as good to it as I can so that it will see me through to the end. :D In addition to my regular multi-vitamin I have added extra B Complex.

I'm feeling pretty good. Sleeping through the night has been an issue, but that can be attributed to just having a lot on my mind. The move, the trip, the job, the spouse, and such like to creep into my thinking about 3am. lol. This too shall pass.

I had a WONDERFUL meal yesterday at my sister's house. They had grilled steaks, mushrooms, & made a huge fresh salad. I started out splitting a New York Strip with my sister, BUT my nephew had cut off the "meat" part of a T-bone and left the bone. THAT IS CAVIAR TO ME!! I quickly went for the T-bone "scrap". I LOVE to "gnaw the bone", as we like to say in these parts. hahaha Delish!!

I've been lazy and trying to just grab whatever I can fit into LCHF from the Deli downstairs in my office building. Well this morning I actually packed a lunch at home. Hormel all-natural Turkey slices wrapped around mayo & a pickle (made a couple of these). I also brought some plain Greek Yogurt. I have not been able to wean myself off Splenda - I like to put a packet in the Yogurt.

So... for the first 2 weeks of LCHF, 5 total pounds isn't shabby. I made it through the first "2 week's wall". As I have experienced before, the next wall usually occurs at 6 weeks, and then again around 12 weeks. If I can make it over each of these hurdles... SCUSE ME!!!!!!... WHEN I make it over each of these hurdles, I will be thrilled.

What I am eating:

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