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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Routines are good. Routines are survival.

I've been practicing LCHF since returning from the cruise. Losses have been VERY slow, but losses nonetheless. In 2 weeks I have lost 4 pounds.

But I'm questioning the "eat all you want". All I want? Really? I want more than my tummy will hold. lol. Portion size HAS to play into the equation. I cannot eat like my 6'-4" hubby with my 5' frame. That is common sense. So.. my conclusion is that my portion sizes have just been too large.

TEA CUP EXAMPLE: I inherited my mother's tea cup collection. It is beautiful and contains cups from all over the world. Each one tells a story. During my recent move, the box of cups got dropped and I lost 4 of them (different sad story...) but I got to looking over each and every cup again ... something I had not done in quite a while. I remember when and where most of them were purchased. Tea cups are small ... and the OLDER they are the smaller they seem to be. Hmmmm... observation.

One of the cups from France is dated 1905. It looks like it could hold about 1/2 to 1/4 cup of tea. THAT was normal. I held it in my hand and thought about how it must have felt to sip tea with a friend. I wondered what tiny delicacies were served with the tiny cups.. probably at a small table in delicate chairs.

NOW we have Route 44 Sonic cups, Big Gulps, & Super Size drinks. I know people that have to have a couple of those every single day. Never mind the fact that it might be a diet soda or unsweet tea -- but just the SIZE! AND those are not sipped, they are slurped. Those are not shared at a table with friends. They are guzzled in the car while speeding to the next destination.

Think about it!! NOW everything is so much larger; portions have to be bigger than the last. People want the MOST for their money. AND boy are we praying a "huge" price!

SHOOT..... take me back to the 50 cent burgers, and make it fit on one small saucer. That would be just fine with me! Give me a normal sized piece of chicken, instead of the hormone plumbed mutant leg! Do we really NEED so much food?

So back to routine -- I'm thinking:


Goal -- make it a routine to eat smaller portions of really good food. :D ... and be satisfied and thankful!


Andetag said...

Wow Becky - I love your blog and the way you think.
You are so right. When we Swedes come to USA we always think WHY are things so BIG always.
I learn many fun expressions by reading your daily thoughts.

Monique said...

Hi Becky, thank you for sharing your blog on Low Carb cruise fb page! :)

About portions, you cannot eat 'as much as you want' - most of us cannot. Andreas 'always been thin' he can ;)...
My tip is never re-take, take one portion of food, add extra butter or other fat and enjoy it. Then stop.
:) After 30 min you will be full, but until then, don't eat more...

That's my tip anyway! ;)

Lovely meeting you and can't wait for next years cruise! Planning on bringing the whole fam then! :)

Hugs xxx

Fred Hahn said...

Good blog Becky. But here's the thing. Most people who eat good don't eat as good as they think. They cheat albeit a tad on this and that. This is what stalls fat loss not the total food amount. Cheese is also a HUGE fat loss stopper.

If one eats only meats, fish, fowl and leafy/cruciferous veggies drinking water and black coffee, you can indeed eat to your hearts content and lose fat. Scouts honor!!

Ailsauk said...

Well done Becky very true xx

regandy said...

.. Thanks. Monique - very good advice.

Fred - Dairy was/is a very hard thing to give up! lol. I am eating a LOT less than I used to (advice from Jackie Eberstein), but I'm still fighting with the cream in my coffee. ;)

Andetag -- I don't speak "English", I speak "Texan"! lol. That is a joke we Texans love to tell. Another is EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas -- and THAT is NOT a joke! hahahaha

Ailsa - You are a very good friend. Thanks.

Kim said...

Love it and so true! But I LOVE my huge diet cokes and unsweetened ice teas! Let's keep chuggin' on!

Katarina Wikholm said...

Good luck, Becky.
Some people find that when they switch to the HF part of LCHF the portion sizes stay up for a while until the appetite regulators catch up. Also, the mind and the eyes haven't gotten used to eating so little.
I went "French" - serving dinner on my entree plates, so there wouldn't be a glaring hole