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Saturday, May 28, 2011


LESS - Numbers of carbs.
MORE - Numbers of protein.
LESS - Numbers of calories.
MORE - Numbers of fat grams.
LESS - Numbers on the scale.

Higher fat + LOW carbs + higher protien = lower number on the scale

... and getting back into my size 14's just a little better.


Dropped 2 more pounds.

BUT, I am watching my calories in combination with all of this. It has been VERY hard because fats are a lot higher in calories. The trick for me has been to line them out in the morning, and then spread them out throughout the day, so not to get hungry.

My favorite things are just plain old eggs & butter. Followed by broiled chicken thighs & roasted asparagus. I am avoiding all cheese and anything processed.

THIS HAS NOT BEEN EASY. It has taken a LOT of "paying attention" and denying myself things that I really want. I LOVE cream in my coffee, but I am slowly backing off of that because of the calories.

As long as I stay under 1,500 calories I seem to be losing. With my 5 foot frame, 1,200-1,400 seems to be a sweet spot.

I'm still having a few headaches occasionally, but that might be due to the high stress (moved, had a new grandchild, husband is starting a new job, etc). Energy level comes and goes. I suppose I have more energy than a month ago, but still get fatigue pretty easy right now.

SEVEN... nice number. :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

LCHF Continues...

Well -- dropped another pound. Not too bad. At least the scale is moving in the right direction.

I have been concerned about vitamins and nutrients. Perhaps it is "old" thinking, but I just don't want to do further damage to my already taxed body. I want to be as good to it as I can so that it will see me through to the end. :D In addition to my regular multi-vitamin I have added extra B Complex.

I'm feeling pretty good. Sleeping through the night has been an issue, but that can be attributed to just having a lot on my mind. The move, the trip, the job, the spouse, and such like to creep into my thinking about 3am. lol. This too shall pass.

I had a WONDERFUL meal yesterday at my sister's house. They had grilled steaks, mushrooms, & made a huge fresh salad. I started out splitting a New York Strip with my sister, BUT my nephew had cut off the "meat" part of a T-bone and left the bone. THAT IS CAVIAR TO ME!! I quickly went for the T-bone "scrap". I LOVE to "gnaw the bone", as we like to say in these parts. hahaha Delish!!

I've been lazy and trying to just grab whatever I can fit into LCHF from the Deli downstairs in my office building. Well this morning I actually packed a lunch at home. Hormel all-natural Turkey slices wrapped around mayo & a pickle (made a couple of these). I also brought some plain Greek Yogurt. I have not been able to wean myself off Splenda - I like to put a packet in the Yogurt.

So... for the first 2 weeks of LCHF, 5 total pounds isn't shabby. I made it through the first "2 week's wall". As I have experienced before, the next wall usually occurs at 6 weeks, and then again around 12 weeks. If I can make it over each of these hurdles... SCUSE ME!!!!!!... WHEN I make it over each of these hurdles, I will be thrilled.

What I am eating:

..... and occasionally .....