******* BE ENCOURAGED ********

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AND... at 20!

So... actually 19.8, but I wanna call it 20 pounds gone.

It is NOT a joy ride.

It is NOT fun.

It is NOT easy peasy.

It is hard work. It takes determination. I have to think about food constantly - type of nutrient, amount to consume, limit to total daily consumption.

I was thinking about the mind-set of "eat all the protein you want to feel satisfied". I have said it before, "satisfaction" with food finds no end. I have discovered that this rule does NOT apply to me. I cannot eat 4 eggs & 1/2 pound of bacon for breakfast, followed by a protein shake, with 2 cups of Tuna Salad & a bag of pork rinds, followed by a protein shake, and a full T-bone steak, slathered in butter for dinner, with a protein shake & strawberries for dessert. YEP - all in one day. Low Carb? Heck yeah -- TOO MUCH? Heck yeah.

I was eating like my 6-4 hubby who is a PE coach and walks 5-10 miles a day! (I sit at a desk and my exercise is walking to the printer! lol)

So now - One egg & 2-3 strips of bacon. Stop.
1 cup tuna salad & a couple of pork rinds. Stop.
1 petite cut sirloin, small vegetable. Stop.
and MAYBE a few strawberries for dessert.

My body is responding - likes this.

So I downloaded "The Paleo Solution" on my iPhone and realized - HEY! I'm kinda, sorta eating Paleo! (no dairy).

So if you are like me, and you have been "doing" low carb on and off for YEARS, well... face the truth... What are your portion sizes?