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Friday, March 30, 2012

In Search Of: Sweet Coffee

I am SO sad!  I am SO frustrated!

I did not drink coffee until I was over 40 years old.  I just never cared for it much.  As I began finally dieting in earnest, I used it at the end of a meal in place of dessert.  I ENJOYED my low carb delicacy with real cream and 2 packs of splenda... ahhhh.  Then it gradually shifted to my morning routine.  I looked forward to starting my morning with that one perfectly mixed concoction.


I could "drive-thru" in the morning and just pick it up on my way to work.  I even got the APP on my phone where I could play with different combinations of flavors!  And got it memorized -- "Sugar Free Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, 2 splenda, stirred, extra whip"  To which they would say, "WHIPPED CREAM??" (amazed that I would order 'skinny' with whipped).  And always my reply would be, "Yes, please".  



I now had a perfect morning -- a kajillion flavors!  My favorites are "Cinnamon Roll" and "Chocolate Raspberry Truffle".  Perfect.  I loved watching the little mini wait on me in the mornings!  So easy, so quick.
AND THEN .... (cue tragedy music ... da da da duuuummmmm!) Weight stall.

Okay... actually getting older, eating junk, adding "too" much, stressing out, inactivity.. etc....

So I have made two MAJOR life changes:
1.  NO cheese at all, and VERY little dairy (if at all) which means ... no CREAM in my coffee.
--- replaced by Coconut milk.  (not bad, but just not the same)
2.  NO splenda.  Only going by what is recommended by my doctor.
-- replaced by liquid stevia.  (Sweet Leaf)  I have Hazelnut for coffee and Lemon for tea

So -- no cream and no splenda -- and life has changed.  I just cannot seem to get it right.  The thick, creamy texture is gone.  The stevia leaves a bitter taste.  I spend precious minutes adding a drop at a time to find the perfect spot.  The problem with stevia is that there doesn't seem to be a perfect spot - two modes: not enough AND bitter... no in-between.

Le' Sigh.

So... the search continues.  

Meanwhile, I keep getting these Starbucks gift cards from vendors!!  I now have 7 of them (no joke).  STOP THE MADNESS!!  QUIT TEASING ME!!!


Becky Gandy said...

My friend, Lynn Machemer Setliffe sent me this, "I used to use cream and sugar free (splenda) caramel syrup, so i totally hear ya! I have overhauled my coffee routine and after a little getting used to I LOVE it now!!! Honestly, real cream now tastes a bit funny. I make creamer every few days - it's a can of coconut milk, one raw egg yolk, a tsp of cinnamon and a Tbsp vanilla. Try it! :)"

THANKS -- I am going to try this!

Anne H said...

If I can't have you - I don't want no other baby!
That's me and coffee with cream.
If I can't have the cream, I do not want the coffee.
I think it was the cream I wanted, and the coffee was just an aside.
So now it's me and tea. Strong strong tea.
But no cream.
Sad face for sure. But well see!
Those scales are finally mooooving in the right direction!

Becky Gandy said...

I can live with the coconut milk so far, but the stevia is just too bitter. I've ordered some xylitol and going to see how that works.

Becky Gandy said...

Discovered SO DELICIOUS Coconut Creamer!! OMG. That's it. AND I switched to xylitol. NOW we are back in love with Java Joe.