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Friday, March 23, 2012


 God has a way of keeping me humble.

Once there was the time when I was very broke but had an award ceremony in front of 1,200 people.  I was SO proud of myself and my "achievement" and feeling pretty smart (and not in a good way).  Since money was very very tight, I made my own dress and even put in shoulder pads.  It was a black and shiny and lacy short sleeved cocktail dress.  I felt tall.  I had to sit through several other award presentations until they finally called my name.  I got up from my seat, received a few hugs from my friends, and bounded down the aisle.  It was during this walk that time stood still.  ..... Oh Oh Oh
I realized that my shoulder pads had become free and had worked their way down my arms.

Yeah... looked something like that only down further on my arms.  In fact that photo is kind of the look I had on my face too.  I sort of looked like I had football gear on.

I knew that ANY minute those shoulder pads were going to FALL out of the sleeves and ON to the stage floor in front of 1,200 people.  I very carefully reached for my plaque and wrapped my arms around it conveniently wrapping myself in a hug to keep the pads in place.  I said a very quick "Thank Yew!" and hurried back to my seat.. still hugging the award. I held my head up and just sat there a few more minutes until all attention was back on the the stage.  I made a quiet exit and went to "fix" myself.  I was humbled. lol.


Putting others first.

So... about this diet cruise ...

We are about to go on the 5th Annual Low Carb Cruise.  This is what I want:
1.  No judgments or criticism or negative talk. (stay nice)
2.  To make new friends and share laughs. (have fun)
3.  Everyone to find someone they can relate to and enjoy their company. (make friends)
4.  That everyone walks away with information that will help them live a healthier life. (learn something)
5.  More fun and relaxation. (rest)
6.  And finally, that I be accepted just like I am, shoulder pads and all. (love)

We are not perfect, but we are sure giving it our best shot ... in an humble kind of way.

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