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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slap Jack

Oh dear Dr. Jack Kruse,

I have a decision to make and depending on my mood, it could go either way.  This CT thingy you are preaching?  I dunno.  To slap Jack or pat Jack?

I've been reading your posts about the MIRACLES of "cold water".  People are plunging themselves into ICE water.  Sort of takes your breath away, doesn't it?

Cold Thermogenesis?  Link: Jack Kruse: Cold Thermogenesis  How about Cold Thermogenesis for the timid & tender?  I am NOT an athlete nor do I care to be one.  I am NOT a cavewoman, nor do I care to be one.  BUT...  I remember back in the early 70's - about the time Atkins was taking off - there was a "Swedish Dip" pool at the local gym & Spa (President's and First Lady Spa, later bought out by Bally's)  It was a small round deep pool full of cold water.  You would grab a rope and either plunge in or slowly lower yourself into the water.  I LOVED it.  Of course I was in my twenties and LOVED that too!!

But soon the cold pool was replaced with --

THE STEAM SAUNA!!  Woohoo... sweat it out!!

Okay -- fast forward, and I do mean FAST forward (where did that time go??) Now I am in my fifties.  I like long hot showers.  I like being comfortable.  I like fuzzy slippers that keep my feet warm.  I also hate my physical state of being.  I am actively seeking change and fighting aging with every means available.  NOT that I mind getting older, I just don't want to feel old.

So Jack... seriously???  You recommend that we all do what???  Dip our face in ice water and work our way up to our body?

Should I slap you on the back or in the face (which is what the ice water feels like)?

Perhaps you have hit on something.  PERHAPS you have reminded me of the cold dip pool I used to love and had forgotten about.  That dip pool also brings back the memory of a body that I thought was too big at 130 pounds.  Boy was I stupid.  I want that dip pool and that body back.

So.. the best I have to offer right now is a cold water rinse at the end of my shower.  I started that last week by turning the water to cold as I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair.  At first it lasted all of about 2 seconds and only a few squeals.  Today I actually turned around and put my face in the cold water.  We have worked our way up to 4 seconds.  I would call that progress.

I think I will go fix myself a cube of ice and join Wesley --

Maybe it's crazy, maybe its real ... but it is certainly different.


Anne H said...

CT - Cold WHAT!!!!

Rebecca said...

I'll stick to drinking ice water as my form of CT for speeding up my metabolism. LOL.