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Saturday, May 19, 2012

10 Low Carb Cruise Lessons

1.  It is totally possible to go on a cruise and lose weight.  

This was me on the cruise in 2011
I was stressed out from dealing with my 86 year old dad in assisted living.  We were buying a new house and planning on moving the very week we returned, AND we were trying to sell our old house.  My husband was looking for work.  Our son and his wife were expecting a baby, due any day during that week.  My stress was up and my weight was UP.  It was rough.

This is me on the the right, on the cruise in 2012 -- rested, focused and Low Carb!
(with my dear friend, Amy Dungan)

What a difference in how I looked and how I felt.  And even better, I came home almost 2 pounds thinner than when I left on the cruise!

2.  It is totally possible to have so much fun that 
food is just a non-issue.

There were times when it was almost a nuisance to have to stop and "refuel".
(my friend and cruise committee member, Kim Eidson with her bowl-o-bacon)

Yes the food was good and there were plenty of healthful choices (amidst a land mine of CARBAGE), but when you are in the middle of enjoying the water park, or hanging from the sky walk, food is the last thing on your mind.  It was sort of fun to actually "work up" an appetite.
(my friend and cruise committee member, Debbie Hubbs on the Sky Walk)

3.  You can totally skip the buffet line 
and still eat like a King.
(taken by my good friend, Carb Tripper)
The restaurant was open for nice, quiet, sit-down meals, 
apart from the hustle and bustle of the buffet lines, which were monuments to gluttony.

4.  Coffee makes a good dessert, 
especially if it is bulletproof.


5.  I can now say that I have friends all over the world.
(259, to be exact)

6.  Low carb / Paleo friends are very giving people, 
and NOT "in it" for the money.  
They freely share what they have learned!

(Matt & Stacy - the http://paleoparents.com/ 

7.  No one sings Elvira like Jimmy Moore and Tom Naughton.

If that link doesn't work, here is a link from 2010 -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJoMZ7LYLNw

8.  It is possible to make close friends 
in the midst of a very large group of people.

(Susan Winkler, Carb Tripper, JoAnn Paxson, Lisa Coker -- I enjoyed every minute of 
talking to these ladies.  They were fun and amazing.  There was some concern that if the group got "too big", it would lose the intimacy and friendships that had been so easily formed in years past.  Well, perhaps there were some people that I did not get to meet more than once, but from what I read in blog posts and facebook posts, friendships were formed!)

9.  It is easier to take the stairs on a ship, 
than trying to climb them to go to work every day.

Strange but true.  There were most mornings that I literally ran up and down the stairs instead of taking the elevators.  The weather was great, the atmosphere was alive, and there was just so much to see on the ship.  So when I got back to work and looked at the 6 floors of stairs to get to my desk.. well... there just wasn't the same motivation.  

10.  Every year on the cruise I learn new things 
and reinforce the foundations of Low Carb Living.

... and a parting thought ....

(This is Tom Naughton's photo from Facebook.  
L to R, Dr. John Briffa, Fred Hahn, Dr. William Davis)


Anne H said...

LOVE it!
And YES - you CAN come home lighter and well-rested! That's what a vacation is for - to recharge the batteries!
Loved meeting you - loved the food, fun and good times!

Becky Gandy said...

It was one to remember! And thank you for the morning coffee and great conversations.

Ailsauk said...

It was a great cruise one I will never forget!

Anonymous said...

So why the silence on Jack Kruse?

Becky Gandy said...

Silence on Jack Kruse? What do you want to know? I don't know him. Met him once. I only know what I read about him. Any info I want about him I have to "google" for myself. lol. Yep, he was taken off the ship for a Twitter post. Beyond that? I know as much as you. I blog about my personal life, pretty much. I can't blog about what I don't know. Sorry to disappoint you.

Serge said...

I think that making acquaintances from people around the globe would be the best part of enjoying a cruise. Aside from that, I think you guys definitely had a great time with these pictures and experiences you shared!