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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vision - Imaginative Insight

Imaginative - Having or showing creativity or inventiveness

Insight - The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.

I would like to think that I can sometimes understand a situation by the creativity of my mind. I rely on insight and intuition. I have strong intuition which I am very grateful for because it has kept me one step ahead many times. Oh yes, there are times when I am totally blind, but I believe those are learning experiences.

My thoughts can run wild with creativity (WILD!) and it is important to reign it in and make a list of what is MOST important so that I don't lose the vision. If I am really trying to get somewhere then it is important to keep focused.

In no particular important order.... my top 5...

1. Diet

I have a goal that I have been fighting almost my entire life to reach. I have been sidetracked more times that I would like. I have allowed this because I lose my vision.

--- I must get back to basics. I must SEE where I am going and follow that map!

2. Exercise

ONE time in my life exercise was a large part of my day. I enjoyed it then, but it was because it was fun. I had a best friend and buddy and we kept each other encouraged. I could leg press 400 pounds. I was 13% body fat. oooo, aaaahhh... and tight. Then... buddy moved away and I lost my vision.

--- Perhaps I will never leg press 400 pounds again, but I must get back to moving. I must SEE the purpose in it and pursue it.

3. Work

I have always believed that I could do ANYTHING I put my mind and heart into. I have imagined myself in so many roles. I have owned a business. I have rubbed elbows with "semi" celebrities. I have made a difference in hundreds of lives. So now I am working a "job". Not a bad job, actually a very good job. But my entrepreneurial side is crying out, "Create!" This is a vision I never lose and often feels more like a curse! My brain is always searching for outlets.

--- I must love and accept this part of me. I must allow my creative brain chart the course and quit fighting it. AND of course, don't quit my day job because it finances the creativity. lol.

4. Friends & Family

Very complicated. My vision can only extend as far as others will allow. I have good friends and a great family. I have learned that both groups are 'seasonal' and because each person is on their own journey, we are often on different paths. I cannot force others to take my road and visa versa. The best I can do is keep moving forward with my vision and be thankful for those times when our paths cross.  I must learn to love more and regret less.

--- I must realize that not everyone can walk with me on my path. I must enjoy the company, but keep moving forward. I must keep my vision on my road in front of me.

5. Trust

I have to trust God. I believe that He is the beginning and the end. I trust Him to keep the vision in front of me. This is my safety.

--- I must trust more.

I suppose it can all be summed up in this quote:

Enjoy real food, move around, create the atmosphere, stay busy, love others, and trust God.

It was prophesied to me once that I was a "butterfly".  I enter a room and flit about lightly, landing occasionally, but always causing others to observe.  I scoffed at first and thought, "Butterfly?!?  Really?" ... but then the more I thought about it the more I realized that it was a pretty good way to live.  When a butterfly is near everyone gets very still and watches.  A butterfly brings a few minutes of pleasure for the observer.  Perhaps just a few second of not stressing about life.  

I have just flitted about and lightly landed in your brain for a few minutes, and now I am off to the next flower.  Selah.

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