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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Things that make you go... wow.

(Is that not the dumbest marketing brochure??
Sugar and carbs for breakfast? yuck)

The Issues:
1.  Inflammation
2.  Yeast from Antibiotics
3.  Lack of sleep
4.  Stress

I say that mostly my diet journey is all in my head, but that is when I am battling the sugar demons.  Sometimes, however, the battle is  just due to circumstances.  All of the above stressors are a result of a recent surgery.

The cure:
Lots of Water
Yeast Cleanse diet (no vinegar products or wine)
Rest as much as possible
Organization - be prepared

I'm already feeling better and undoing the damage!

I had a very fun and eventful weekend!

I spent a couple of days with a good friend and enjoyed watching her care for and give attention to her neighbors.  I think we almost solved the problems of the world.  She is a great cook and really knows her stuff -- all things low carb!  Carb Tripper rocks!

Ground beef, Shrimp, Bacon, Roasted Peppers,
Onions, and Cauliflower -- VERY good, especially
with a shooter of butter!  Great job, Chef Anne!

My good friend Carb Tripper (Anne) and one of her sweet neighbors.

AND finally -- The wedding!
Congratulations Emily and Charlie Lay!

Then I attended a fabulous wedding of my great niece with an awesome reception with Cambodian flavors.  I was blessed to ride with my fab sister and brother-in-law which always makes for good company.

Groom's Cake and Bridal Cake (notice the brake pads in the wheels!!  They did not cut the groom's cake -- too pretty!)

My beautiful GREAT Nieces -- (photo by Snapd Photography)

As a result of my weekend however I did gain a few pounds.  It was a combination of that awesome food at the reception and the lack of sleep. hahaha  BUT the good news is, I know how to fix that.  A couple of days of very low - to zero carb meals, combined with water, bulletproof coffee, and rest and I will be back to square one in no time. -- amended -- I AM back to square one, less 1. :D

It's all down hill... or rather "down scale" from here.

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LOVED having you here! LOVED IT!