******* BE ENCOURAGED ********

Friday, April 6, 2012

Up Periscope

You can't control the wind, but you can adjust the sails.
 –Joyce Meyer

Yesterday, without warning, the storm hit.  Mr. Storm has decided that I need to be constantly reminded of my priorities and what I have NOT accomplished.  Mr. Storm is blowing me away with his blustering outbursts.  After 3 years, there SHOULD be some level of trust, but apparently that time and effort has been for nothing.  I dread getting out and facing it.  I feel fearful and majorly stressed by it.  It might be the best way to handle SOME people, but it is the opposite way to get more productivity out of me.  As a "people pleaser", I respond to praise.  I tend to shut-down when voices are raised at me.

Want my very best?  Tell me you appreciate me and that you KNOW that I can handle it.  
I will break my neck to make it happen.

Do not bully me.

I am adjusting my sails and heading in a different direction.  
I will not be bullied.