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Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's not all about the food...

Life really isn't all about the food.

Life is so much more than food, but food normally seems to consume a large part of it.

Sometimes that is necessary - because I spent too many years in "excess" living so moderation is mandatory!

But today.. it is NOT about the food.  That is my choice.  I'm not making breakfast plans.  I'm not making lunch plans or dinner plans.  (and not to worry.. I will make wise choices simply by "lifestyle")

Today is about:

Ramona Denton and the Space Center at NASA.

(Me and Ramona -- and the Space Center)

Today is about:

Coffee (coffee + xylitol + coconut cream)

(LOL.. as is every day)

And finally:


(Dad is the one on the right with the "K" on his sweater)

(Dad, Mom, and cousin Sherry)

My dad was a welder and worked shift-work, which let my mom and I lots of time for shopping and running around.  We had to be quiet, or play outside when he was sleeping.  We had to make sure he had iced tea.  Dad built our house.  Dad made his own boat trailer.  Dad could build anything.  Dad had a large garden full of fresh vegetables.  Dad would rather drive than most anything else.

My memories:
1.  Sleeping.  Specifically sleeping in the hull of the shrimp boat.  I used to follow my dad everywhere, including going shrimping with him.  I would crawl up under the hull of the boat and nap while he was dragging the shrimp net.  I would wake up while he sorted the catch, which included poking crabs with a stick.

2.  Traveling.  Dad used to work a lot of overtime and save all of that money for a vacation every year.  He took me to every state in the U.S., except 5.  (And people wonder why I like to travel)

3.  Lunch.  After my mother died in 2005, dad would pick me up every day from work and we would go out for lunch.  He loves eating out, talking to people, and traveling.

4.  Shopping.  When I was little, Dad would take me to the grocery store every time he had to go pick up items for mom.  I almost always came home with a coloring book or some cheap little trinket.  (but I was not spoiled)

5.  Bail-out.  As a single parent, struggling to raise two boys, my dad was always there to keep my lights on. He did not have a lot of money, but he was generous with what he had.