******* BE ENCOURAGED ********

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Living and Breathing

It feels good to live.  It feels good to breath.  It feels good to move & stretch & learn.

I hope that all my friends who are working on themselves find this break.  Life should be enjoyed while on the journey to health and wellness.

I have learned to enjoy my choices:
-- tender, juicy beef or smooth, velvety shrimp!
-- creamy, smooth Kerrygold butter & coconut cream!
-- crispy fried bacon!
-- Ah, the flavors, textures, & recipes!
-- coffee fixed JUST right!

I have a core group of food I eat.  When I go out to eat I concentrate on ONE item - usually the protein/fat. I never indulge more than two days in a row without a "semi-fast" day.  The idea about "metabolism / small meal feedings" does not work for me.  I try to eat like a "thin" person -- eat when I am truly hungry, but skip it if I am not.  I choose to listen to my body, who has learned to breath without my assistance and meddling.  My wonderful body has all kinds of systems that run automatically.

"Hunger / Satiety" is part of that system.   For years many of us have "overridden" that system.  It starts when the baby is prompted to finish the entire bottle, or the entire jar of food.  It starts when food is given as the reward for doing good.  It is time to let that system of hunger and fullness operate.  I am NOT talking about deliberately skipping meals when hungry because AGAIN, that would be overriding that system!  I am talking about practicing the art of listening... of paying attention.  I have said this many times to myself - FOOD IS FUEL.

This means evaluating your hunger -- Is it real?  Is it emotional?  Is it boredom?  Is it a result of cravings (usually caused by a food intolerance from and earlier choice)?  I have read, and experienced, that when I allow my body to tell me when it is time to eat, it usually is about twice a day - morning, and late afternoon.  It took some experimenting and "lab" work on myself.  It took concentration and focus.  BUT once I began to allow my body to tell me when it was hungry, I learned that I could trust it to do what it is supposed to do - signal me.  Just like I get signals for thirst, elimination, pain, pleasure, etc, I have found that my body is fantastic at taking care of me if I listen and follow those signals. 

I no longer eat by the clock.  I no longer HAVE to have 5 small meals a day to "boost my metabolism".  I no longer force my body to change it's system to meet MY demands.  I trust my body.  It is healing.  The metabolism is getting in line.

This did not happen over night.  It has been a journey -- and I feel like I am at peace.