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Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 and Happiness

2012 was a year of big change for me.  I am finally within 10 pounds of my goal weight.  I achieved several other goals in 2012 including settling in my new house, a better car, a raise, a promotion, a new office (with a window!) and a great feeling of anticipation of what is ahead.

Maybe it is my age; maybe it is my weight; perhaps it is just looking forward instead of behind.  I started looking at what I DO have and what I HAVE accomplished instead of looking back at things not done.  What a great feeling.  How encouraging.

Attitude is everything.

I'm facing 2013 with glee.

This is the year I WILL reach my goal weight.

So, while working on the "last ten", I plan on enjoying life to the fullest.

1.  Music -- Such fun!  I've discovered some new bands that I enjoy listening to.  I've had the fun opportunity to enjoy live music.  I have some very talented friends and especially family.  We could be the VonTrapp family of Rock and Roll!  (Garage Band -- my nephews and great-nephew -- Allen Little, Matthew Dunn Sr, Matthew Dunn Jr.)

haha  I look forward to continuing.  I quit playing keyboard for a couple of years, but like riding a bicycle, I'm back on it.

Just one of my favorites!

2.  Dining -- I am a foodie.  I am a "controlled" foodie, but ... lol .... I just love the culinary art.  So for 2013 I am going on a "tasting" journey.  I started with a wonderful restaurant called "Bonefish Grill".  FABULOUS atmosphere (and great company) with an attentive staff.  I had lobster bisque that was amazing.  It was a cold and rainy day so I asked for coffee with "real" cream (for lack of coconut cream, my usual favorite).  They brought me a bowl full of whipped cream (no sugar).  I limit my dairy, but an occasional splurge is my choice.  As for restaurants of course there is my personal favorite, Carraba's.  And yes, always with more butter!

Bonefish Grill - Salmon and Vegetables
3.  Travel -- From camping in the rough to hotels in style, I love all kinds of travel.  Starting in January I have a trip planned to Dallas.  My niece has the lead (Kim) in Bye Bye Birdie.  I was in that same musical in High School.  Should be a lot of fun.  Among the other short excursions in the work, I will be going on the Low Carb Cruise in May.  I always enjoy seeing my friends from all over the world.  GREAT people.

Susan Winkler, Carb Tripper, JoAnn Paxson, Lisa Coker (and I see Bridget in the back!) 

4.  Exercise -- No.  (I am active.  That is enough.)

5.  Attitude -- Positive, light, and as always with style and grace.

Happy 2013 - a year of great blessings!


Anne H said...

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Well have some foodie food!
Best year ever!

Kimberly Eidson said...

You are an amazing woman, my friend. I have so enjoyed the journey with you and plan to continue our "race" to goal!

Ailsauk said...

You are amazing and have come so far love you xx

Becky Gandy said...

Anne H - Oh yeah, baybee! See you soon.

Kim - YOU are an inspiration! Thanks for the race! hahaha

Ailsa - I am so glad to know you and cannot wait to come and hang out with YOU in the U.K.!!