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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to RESTART - Set a Date, Make a Plan!

First, "restarting" is NOT failure.  It is success.  Restarting should be a regular part of your diet journey.  It is NOT an excuse for going off plan.  NO EXCUSE!  However sometimes our mind and our body just takes a break - planned or unplanned.  It is important to create a 'marker' or mental note that D-Day is coming when you will do a clean sweep and hit it again.

Bathrobe Breakfast on the Carnival Magic -- Susan, Nickie, Shari, and Mandy.  See more cruise photos in the private Facebook group - Low Carb Cruise Group.

I had a GREAT cruise with some wonderful people.  The Low Carb Cruise is the highlight of my year.  I found myself very relaxed and refreshed with great memories.  After I got home I found myself eating more nuts, dark chocolate and dairy than I normally do.  I splurged on a few higher carb foods (onion rings, for one).  The month of May was more vacation than I expected to take. haha.

So I set my mind on "June 1".  Restart day.  And I do NOT want to step on that scale -- waaaaa -- but I will.  I know I am up about 5 lbs, because I can feel it.

Knowing that my body will go through a slight detox as I get my ratios back together, I am starting with very high fat to keep the hunger and cravings down.

Today I will have:
1 bulletproof coffee
1 serving of Shirataki "mac" and cheese (goat cheese, coconut cream)
1 serving of Avocado Deviled Eggs
1 oz macadamia nuts
1/2 oz pork rinds
Bacon and eggs w/ Kerrygold Butter

That is 1,040 calories (however, calories do NOT count!! )

THIS does count! -- 84% / 13% / 3% -- that is 84 percent fat, 13 percent protein, and 3 percent carbs.

Shirataki "Mac" & Cheese from The Fat Fast by Dana Carpendar (can be purchased here -  Fat Fast Cookbook)

So here we go!  Ready, Set, Diet!

Me and my friend and diet buddy, Kim Eidson.  Kim has lost over 200 pounds.

Great products for a low carb lifestyle:


Shari Watkins said...

Great advice. Thanks! Enjoyed meeting you on the cruise.

Becky Gandy said...

And very glad to meet you Shari! It was fun, wasn't it? Now time to get back to work. ;)