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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Defying Negative Projections

Recently I have had several encounters with people projecting untrue ideas or beliefs on to me. The words "negative projections" kept running through my head. At first I was like "absolutely rubbish", then I decided to examine the words a little closer to make sure I got the meaning and to see if there was any validity. Only one sentence applied, but the rest of the points were assumptions, judgments, and PROJECTIONS.

Here are a couple of thoughts found on the internet about that:

We project our own perceived shortcomings onto others. We say to others what we should be saying to ourselves. When we judge others we are judging ourselves. If you constantly beat yourself up with negative thoughts, you will either beat up on the people around you - verbally, emotionally, or physically - or you will beat up on yourself by destroying some area of your own life.


When we make negative projections, we rarely recognize the seeds of those qualities in ourselves. Painful or incompatible qualities get projected onto another person, and that person ends up becoming the target of our wrath.

But by ALL means, listen to what is being spoken OVER you by others. Accept and change what is true - and wipe out the "false"! Do not accept every judgement that comes your way. Be who YOU are at ever stage of this journey.

Another thing about those negative projections -- They are not you. ;)

I was accused of being unhappy -- I'm actually very happy which is part of what a healthy, creative mind will do for you. lol I think the person who accused me of that has an issue with happiness.

I was accused of being afraid to be alone -- How can I explain that being alone is totally ok. Being lonely is not. I love to spend my alone time doing absolutely nothing, but also love my time with my friends. It is all in balance. Afraid? Absolutely not. JUST because I enjoy being social does NOT mean that I am afraid of being alone.

I was accused of being afraid of growing old -- HAHAHA.. Sorry.. that really does make me laugh. Growing old is inevitable. However, feeling old is not. Resistant to feeling old? - guilty as charged! Afraid to grow old? No, that is an accepted fact of life.

You have to FIND ... WHAT ... WORKS ... FOR ... YOU ... And then DO IT! Never give up.

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