******* BE ENCOURAGED ********

Friday, February 15, 2013

Update for the Curious Seekers

Hi -- guess what?!?!?  I survived! lol

I can adapt and adjust and redefine my life at any given moment.  Yay!  I am proud to say that there is very little that can get me down.  I credit my creative side to being able to recreate the atmosphere around me.

Diet?  Been hard lately because of facing the "Final 10"!  sigh... up down up down up down.

Life?  Wonderful.  There had been enough activities to keep it interesting and fun.

Food?  Always an adventure.

FAT BREAD - the best low carb bread recipe ever!  Link here -  FAT BREAD RECIPE

Friends?  I love my friends.  As time goes by I find out who my TRUE friends really are.

AFTER.....the best is yet to come.

Family?  Good.  I especially love my sweet sisters.

Yep... these are my sisters.  They  are wonderful and joined me on several cruises!

Yep... just keeps getting better.

Too bad some people never realize what they have until it is gone.