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Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 6th Annual Low Carb Cruise Report

We are back but way too soon.  Time flew by!  

As usual there were so many cruise guests that I never got to speak with and get to know.


There was a wedding,

... and ziplining in Honduras,


…and cave tubing in Belize,

… and meetings on the ship,

… and food,

… and fun.

AND... I've seen the question asked around the web, "Where was Robb Wolf?"  (Most are meant as jabs at Jimmy Moore, but we do not care.)

A few days before we sailed Robb Wolf contacted us and said that his mother was in the hospital with pneumonia and in a semi-conscious state.  He had to back out at the last minute to take care of her.  Family is more important - always!

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