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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to RESTART - Set a Date, Make a Plan!

First, "restarting" is NOT failure.  It is success.  Restarting should be a regular part of your diet journey.  It is NOT an excuse for going off plan.  NO EXCUSE!  However sometimes our mind and our body just takes a break - planned or unplanned.  It is important to create a 'marker' or mental note that D-Day is coming when you will do a clean sweep and hit it again.

Bathrobe Breakfast on the Carnival Magic -- Susan, Nickie, Shari, and Mandy.  See more cruise photos in the private Facebook group - Low Carb Cruise Group.

I had a GREAT cruise with some wonderful people.  The Low Carb Cruise is the highlight of my year.  I found myself very relaxed and refreshed with great memories.  After I got home I found myself eating more nuts, dark chocolate and dairy than I normally do.  I splurged on a few higher carb foods (onion rings, for one).  The month of May was more vacation than I expected to take. haha.

So I set my mind on "June 1".  Restart day.  And I do NOT want to step on that scale -- waaaaa -- but I will.  I know I am up about 5 lbs, because I can feel it.

Knowing that my body will go through a slight detox as I get my ratios back together, I am starting with very high fat to keep the hunger and cravings down.

Today I will have:
1 bulletproof coffee
1 serving of Shirataki "mac" and cheese (goat cheese, coconut cream)
1 serving of Avocado Deviled Eggs
1 oz macadamia nuts
1/2 oz pork rinds
Bacon and eggs w/ Kerrygold Butter

That is 1,040 calories (however, calories do NOT count!! )

THIS does count! -- 84% / 13% / 3% -- that is 84 percent fat, 13 percent protein, and 3 percent carbs.

Shirataki "Mac" & Cheese from The Fat Fast by Dana Carpendar (can be purchased here -  Fat Fast Cookbook)

So here we go!  Ready, Set, Diet!

Me and my friend and diet buddy, Kim Eidson.  Kim has lost over 200 pounds.

Great products for a low carb lifestyle: