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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

NEXT Chapter. NEXT Phase. Next decade.

Observance and Annoyance:  I really really strongly dislike it when YouTube video's start out with, "It's been a while since my last video..." or "I apologize for taking so long to post a new video..." OR, "I am SO sorry that it has been SO long since my last video because my life has been SO busy and SO crazy..."  No.  Stop that.  Just say what you gotta say.  I am looking for content and information about a particular subject.  NOT looking for excuses, problems, issues, etc.  UGH!

It is what it is.

I blog when I feel like it.  I don't think it gets read so it really doesn't matter.  I blog what I want when I want and again, it doesn't really matter.

Information:  Just started "Optavia" diet.  It used to be called Medifast, but they made a lot of changes and re-marketed it.  I am doing the "5-and-1 Plan" - Five "products" called fuelings, every 3 hours, and one "Lean and Green" meal a day.  It is a little more detailed than that, but it is the basic idea.  I like it.

Why did I switch from Weigh-Down?  Because... Control.  Since I have trouble controlling "me", I need to control the food.  And guess what?  It does NOT change my relationship with my God.  He does love me unconditionally. :D

Have I lost weight?  Well, I discovered that my latest binge was directly related to the passing of my father.  I did the same exact thing after my mother passed away.

I "ate" my grief.  I mean, I ... "A T E !!"... my grief.  Good to say that one week on Optavia and I have lost 6 pounds of grief.

I also moved.  I live on Galveston Bay now.  It does something to my heart to see the water every single day.

Turning 60 has been interesting. The journey continues.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

You are Brave and Smart and Capable

Through God and God alone.

This is often a hard concept because I am so used to driving myself and getting nowhere. 
It takes a strong act of will to stop and consider the map.  

Here is my current route:

The Food:  Just enough and no more, within the bounds of hunger and fullness.
This is not easy.  It is MUCH easier to manipulate the food! However, just changing the food does not change my heart and my desires.  A change of heart is needed for long term success.

The Scale:  Once a week with a nod.
I will approach the scale like I approach my food - just enough and no more.  I am "fasting" the scale 6 days a week and weighing on the 7th day.  Once, and no more.

The Time:  Now THIS is how I get my nourishment.


I am spending my time in the Bible, in prayer, in listening to worship music, and in watching the video teachings of Gwen Shamblin on the Weigh Down Workshop website.  I am soaking it in.  I am focusing everything within me towards the main thing - My God and My Savior.

NO more foolishness and useless actions that do not produce change in my life.

Week One choosing whatever I want to eat - Down FOUR pounds.

I am hungering and thirsting for more of God.
I am longing to make my life count.
I am desiring more energy.
I am focused.

Want more information?  Weigh Down Workshop

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


What a weekend.  Started with my sister asking me, "Whatever happened to..."

AND ... There we were, sitting in the middle of a weekend full of meetings to inspire us.  We were surrounded by happy, energetic people with big smiles.

At one point my sister made the comment that they (the WDW staff) were all so full of energy, to which I replied, "It's because they are all thin!" haha

I have been watching the low carb community doing the "next big thing" which is intermittent fasting.  I considered it.  Here I was at the beginning of a new year thinking, "What next?"  Then I thought, "If I just do 'what next' will anything really change?"  I could just see another year of struggling to lose, then gaining some back, then struggling to get it off again.

Why Weigh Down Workshop?

On the physiological side:

-- I will eat less food.  Hmmm... sort of like intermittent fasting.
-- I will only eat when I am hungry... what a concept.
-- I will rate my choices and eat my favorites... which is basically what I did eating low carb/high fat.

On the spiritual side:

-- I will be thankful... for every bite, for every success, and for God's redeeming love.
-- I will be obedient.
-- I will draw closer to God.
-- I will focus on changing all of me from the inside out instead of changing the outside (food) hoping for an internal change!

Did you get that last one???  We change the food hoping that it will change the inside of us - habits, emotions, etc.  It cannot do that.  Eating from ONLY one food group cannot change your heart.  If you have regular bouts of sadness or depression, that cannot be changed by a steak or a carrot.  It is a matter of the heart.  (Although to some a juicy Rib Eye Steak can come pretty close!)

I MUST change my heart.  I must change my attitude about food and how I approach it.  AND when I change my heart and desires, the rest is a natural blessing.

By the way, there are a LOT of negative things about the founder.  Oh surprise, shock and awe!!  What spiritual leader has never had negative comments or misunderstandings?  Get in line with Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, etc .. Need I go on??  I have been around long enough to see the same "ado" happen to ALL of these ministries.

The most important thing, for me, is the MESSAGE not just the messenger.  I am all in.