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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

NEXT Chapter. NEXT Phase. Next decade.

Observance and Annoyance:  I really really strongly dislike it when YouTube video's start out with, "It's been a while since my last video..." or "I apologize for taking so long to post a new video..." OR, "I am SO sorry that it has been SO long since my last video because my life has been SO busy and SO crazy..."  No.  Stop that.  Just say what you gotta say.  I am looking for content and information about a particular subject.  NOT looking for excuses, problems, issues, etc.  UGH!

It is what it is.

I blog when I feel like it.  I don't think it gets read so it really doesn't matter.  I blog what I want when I want and again, it doesn't really matter.

Information:  Just started "Optavia" diet.  It used to be called Medifast, but they made a lot of changes and re-marketed it.  I am doing the "5-and-1 Plan" - Five "products" called fuelings, every 3 hours, and one "Lean and Green" meal a day.  It is a little more detailed than that, but it is the basic idea.  I like it.

Why did I switch from Weigh-Down?  Because... Control.  Since I have trouble controlling "me", I need to control the food.  And guess what?  It does NOT change my relationship with my God.  He does love me unconditionally. :D

Have I lost weight?  Well, I discovered that my latest binge was directly related to the passing of my father.  I did the same exact thing after my mother passed away.

I "ate" my grief.  I mean, I ... "A T E !!"... my grief.  Good to say that one week on Optavia and I have lost 6 pounds of grief.

I also moved.  I live on Galveston Bay now.  It does something to my heart to see the water every single day.

Turning 60 has been interesting. The journey continues.

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