Thursday, January 19, 2017

You are Brave and Smart and Capable

Through God and God alone.

This is often a hard concept because I am so used to driving myself and getting nowhere. 
It takes a strong act of will to stop and consider the map.  

Here is my current route:

The Food:  Just enough and no more, within the bounds of hunger and fullness.
This is not easy.  It is MUCH easier to manipulate the food! However, just changing the food does not change my heart and my desires.  A change of heart is needed for long term success.

The Scale:  Once a week with a nod.
I will approach the scale like I approach my food - just enough and no more.  I am "fasting" the scale 6 days a week and weighing on the 7th day.  Once, and no more.

The Time:  Now THIS is how I get my nourishment.


I am spending my time in the Bible, in prayer, in listening to worship music, and in watching the video teachings of Gwen Shamblin on the Weigh Down Workshop website.  I am soaking it in.  I am focusing everything within me towards the main thing - My God and My Savior.

NO more foolishness and useless actions that do not produce change in my life.

Week One choosing whatever I want to eat - Down FOUR pounds.

I am hungering and thirsting for more of God.
I am longing to make my life count.
I am desiring more energy.
I am focused.

Want more information?  Weigh Down Workshop

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